Drawing on our combined years of litigation support and legal services management, we have developed an unparalleled service delivery platform for document review, analysis, organization and production. CounselQuest will maximize your ESI document review accuracy and efficiency by reducing the time and expense you incur in connection with your review and production projects.

CounselQuest manages ESI and document review projects including the following:

- Litigation Review

- Government Inquiries and Regulatory Investigations

- Supplemental Information Requests (SIR’s)

- Corporate Due Diligence

- Objective and Subjective Coding / Indexing

Our Services:

* Identification, Preservation and Collection: CounselQuest will assist in determining what data exists and where it is located, develop a sound and defensible methodology for the collection of data.

* Analysis of cases and strategy formulation: This involves risk assessment, developing pre-litigation strategies, employing quantitative models for case or settlement strategy.

* Analysis of data: Data analysis and culling in the context of eDiscovery involve the systematic examination and reduction of large datasets to identify relevant information for legal purposes. Data analysis utilizes various techniques, often powered by AI, to categorize, search, and filter data, assisting in the identification of pertinent documents or files.

* Advising on the project-appropriate search and culling technology: Culling is the process of selectively removing or excluding irrelevant or duplicate data, streamlining the overall volume for further review. The processes of analyzing and culling data enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of eDiscovery by focusing on the most crucial information during legal investigations or proceedings.

* Developing review strategies and review team staffing requirements.

* Creating and implementing document review and project management guidelines and protocols.

* Reviewing for responsiveness, relevancy and privilege.

* Performing issue or subject coding or helping develop customized coding.

* Reviewing for protection of confidential and other sensitive information.

* Creating privilege and redaction logs in accordance with guidelines developed by or with counsel.

* Tracking to confirm review of all documents.

* Managing workflow and tracking productivity.

* Regular reporting of project metrics and analytics.

* Ongoing review quality control.

* Facilitating, advising and preparing production.

* Reviewing and distilling evidence in preparation for examinations for discovery, dispositive motions, witness preparation, case analysis.

* Discovery and Trial services: assisting counsel with the preparation of materials for discovery and trial, including assisting with the preparation of demonstrative evidence and providing a trial consultant or technology specialist to sit in the “hot seat”. The specialist will operate the electronic presentation of evidence during the trial, will manage and control the display of documents, exhibits, videos, or other digital evidence in real-time.