The CounselQuest Difference

CQ3: Our Superior Project Methodology

Anyone can haphazardly throw hordes of bodies at a document review project and finish the engagement through sheer numbers. At CounselQuest, we choose to do things differently: by applying our proprietary CQproject methodology - a commitment to Lean Six Sigma principles, a formalized project management process and a systematic approach to selecting, managing and incentivizing our workforce - we ensure that your project is managed in a streamlined manner and deployed resources are utilized to their peak efficiency.


= Principles + Process + People


Lean Six Sigma

We are committed to improving our reviewers' productivity and effectiveness through adherence to Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies, pursuant to which we eliminate non-value added steps and waste from our review protocols, enhance the quality of our value added steps by designing more efficient, accurate and standardized processes, and constantly strive to improve our reviewer capabilities. The result is our unique and proprietary project management system which facilitates productivity and quality control at significant time and cost savings.



 Project Management

Our approach to managing your project is straightforward:  Assessment, Staffing, Management, Communication and Productivity. Our scalable, rigorous, and legally defensible review and quality control processes deliver predictable, consistent, high-quality and reliable results. Our teams are led by an experienced Project Manager, who works closely with counsel and all e-solutions providers. Our goal always is to minimize lawyer review time while maximizing lawyer review productivity, which we achieve through our Lean Six Sigma-inspired project management protocols, adding significant value to your bottom line.  


Reporting and Communication

We provide regular reports including metrics and analytics that track workflow, thoroughness of review, accuracy and productivity.


Rigorous and Disciplined Quality Control 

We ensure the strictest quality control measures are observed prior to concluding our review of your documents. To this end, we employ a Lean Six Sigma-driven, multistep sampling and quality control process to provide you with the confidence that your ESI and document review goals and responsibilities will be met.


Facilitating Production

When our review is complete, CounselQuest will coordinate the preparation of responsive documents for production and deliver the production in an agreed upon format. 


Secure Review Space or Remote Review

We will conduct our review in a secure and fully-wired review facility provided by us or at your or your legal counsel’s offices




We’ll staff your review team with a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers. CounselQuest has unparalleled access to a network of top-quality legal talent with significant document review capabilities and experience, and we utilize innovative management techniques and motivational tools to ensure our review teams operate at peak productivity.



Before commencing any review project, we provide our reviewers with generalized training in regard to review protocols and procedures. At your request, we’ll prepare customized project-specific training materials, including detailed guidelines on relevance, issues coding, significance and privilege. For all of our review projects, we conduct comprehensive training sessions to ensure that our teams fully understand the goals and issues in your case and we provide ongoing feedback and guidance throughout the review process to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.


Reviewer Incentivization

At CounselQuest, we don't treat our reviewers like commodities. We seek only the most qualified, dedicated and professional reviewers for our projects. Their capabilities are further enhanced through our unique reviewer incentive programs, designed to increase productivity and bolster reviewer engagement. Our focus on process, productivity and reviewer motivation ensures that your review project will be performed efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.