ESI is an all-encompassing phrase. It includes word processing files, emails, USB keys, back-up tapes, hard drives, chat data including text messages, Slack, Teams; websites including Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media and electronic communication and presentation.

ESI Facts:

- One Megabyte of data (1 MB) = approx. 500 documents

- One Gigabyte (1GB) = approx. 50,000 documents

- E-discovery tools and software have been developed to help legal professionals search, retrieve, and analyze ESI during litigation and investigations

- ESI often contains valuable metadata, which is data about the data. This includes information such as file creation dates, authorship, access history, and version history


- Over 98% of all information is stored electronically

- Most documents are never converted to paper

- Businesses receive on average 50 MB to 250 MB of emails per day